The Political Fight: Yellowtards vs Dutertards



Currently, the Philippines are facing numerous extra-judicial killings because of the war on drugs it is currently facing. I guess you probably know the reason behind all of this is because of our currently elected President Rodrigo Duterte. Rodrigo Duterto was the candidate for presidency back then that promised to stop drugs with his ruling iron hand. Of course, for every candidate that runs there will be supporters and opposers. For people who support the regime of Duterte, we simply classify them in the slang term “Dutertards”. These are the people that supports his party. And for the other political parties, the biggest political party that opposes president Duterte are people from the Liberal Party or the so called “Yellowtards”. The conflict still goes on because of their individual ideologies and preference. Lets check them out shall we.

“Dutertards” refers to the loyal followers of Duterte and follow him ignorantly regardless of his wrong doings. Dutertards blindly follow Duterte and accepts his wrong doings as correct. They practically worship Duterte as an almighty God who can make no wrong doing. While “Yellowtards” are referred as the loyal supporters of the Aquino’s and anyone who the Aquino’s side with.

Ever since the landslide win of President Duterte, Dutertards have constantly bragged about their win and viewed the Yellowtards as sour losers who cannot accept the fact the President Rodrigo Duterte has won the presidential elections. And with this happening, there has always been a divide. Most of the exchange of words comes from social media. Various unknown individuals bashing each other with harsh words and mean comments. It has practically been a war of the words when it comes to having posts related to these. And the worst part, the extreme individuals in both sides have the ideology that if you are not one of them, you are against them. They bring out the false dichotomy in both sides and believe that once you take on one side then you will also take all the beliefs and ideas and those sides and resent any ideologies that come up. And this has caused the major rants, arguments and comments in blogs, social media and even personal talks with people.

This social war of the words will go on as long as people remain blinded and constantly follow their respective beliefs regardless of their wrong doings. Rationality must be upheld to know the correct manner in solving issues. No political party is perfect and I assure you that each of the sides of the spectrum has their own flaw. And for this conflict to end, the action we need to take is to accept that we cannot have everything. We need to realize that achieving pure satisfaction in both sides is impossible. And for this to end we need to compromise and elect candidates who are willing to compromise for us. You cannot argue that you should get all of what you want and none for the other side.


The Moment that Made us Proud to Call Ourselves Filipinos


It was one of the greatest moments in Philippine History. It was one of the revolutions in history that standout because of being one of the non-violent revolutions in the History of the World – the EDSA revolution. The EDSA revolution has been the manifestation of core of the humanity of the Filipinos. It showed the collective action grounded on the desire to acquire justice and tranquility in the most human of ways. It was in the 1st EDSA Revolution that we made a testament of the Filipino hero inside of us comprising of our resilience and mercifulness .

The regime of Ferdinand Marcos was the time when the Philippines went to a total collapse. He was able to single-handedly put our nation to at to a state of reckoning. But in spite of the harsh and adverse doings of President Marcos, Filipinos found it in themselves to remain hopeful and persevering. And it was in this Filipino trait among individuals that refused to fall prey and victim to the power-hungry and ruthless dictator that led to the biggest revolt in Philippine history.

The 1st EDSA Revolution has become a predominant example of a bloodless and non-violent revolt. The 1986 Philippine revolution was and is uniquely the most peaceful revolt in history. As aforementioned, in those dark times, we lived in a time when human rights was treated merely as scrap paper. We could have easily slaughtered the individuals who violated the human rights of Filipino people – but we didn’t. Instead we let them have the just and needed process. In years where human rights were abused, it takes the most human of qualities to forgive. It takes the strongest of hearts to be this merciful. And this is the quality that we should also be proud to have as Filipinos.

The EDSA revolution was the biggest moment in Philippine that contributed to our Filipino identity. This revolution was the one of events that sets us apart from other revolutions in other countries due to our thirst for justice and our inner humanity, one that makes us proud to call Filipinos.


An Addict Killing Addicts: Is Duterte a Hypocrite?

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Rodrigo Duterte’s main political platform is his war on drugs, however, the President admitted last December that he had been abusing the opioid fentanyl, a highly potent and addictive drug that is estimated to be up to 100 times stronger than morphine. He began using fentanyl to treat back pain and migraines because of a spinal injury from previous motorcycle accidents.

The controversial issue behind Duterte’s use of the drug is that he confessed that his doctor made him stop using it upon learning that he was abusing the drug. His doctor prescribed a quarter of a fentanyl skin patch, but he began using an entire patch at a time. When his doctor discovered that, he immediately ordered him to quit.

“He said: ‘Stop it. The first thing that you would lose is your cognitive ability,’” the president recounted. “’You are, you know, abusing the drug.’”

Senator Antonio Trillanes, another one of Duterte’s critics, said that the President’s confession that he took more than the prescribed fentanyl dosage illustrates that he “qualifies as a drug addict”. In addition to that, lawmakers have been urging Duterte to undergo a medical examination and disclose the results.

Duterte has not stated publicly when he started using fentanyl or whether or not he has stopped using the drug, but in December, he denied being addicted. Martin Andanar, Duterte’s communications Director, said that Duterte had stopped using fentanyl “way before he was elected president” last May. However, a person with knowledge of his condition told The Times in September that Duterte was using the drug then.


Duterte Being Compared to Hitler

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Rodrigo Duterte became the President of the Philippines last June 30, 2016, and since then, Extra Judicial Killings have become prevalent in the country. According to the New York Times Service from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (2016), “Since Duterte took office last June and declared a “war” on drugs, the police and unknown assassins have killed more than 3,600 people, the police say, mostly in the slums of Philippine cities. Some put the toll at more than 7,000″.

This means that in less than nine months, Duterte has already surpassed the death toll of former Dictator and President Ferdinand Marcos, whose forces killed about 3,300 political opponents and activists during his harsh 20-year rule. Due to this fact, critics have drawn a comparison with the President to the Führer of Nazi Germany: Adolf Hitler. However, according to Lara Tan from CNN Philippines (2016), the Philippines’ robust president apparently subsumed the likeness, and said that if Hitler massacred millions of Jews, he would do the same to millions of drug addicts in the country.

“Hitler massacred three million Jews. Now there is three million drug addicts [in the Philippines], there are. I’d be happy to slaughter them. At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have…,” Duterte said as his thought trailed off.