The Political Fight: Yellowtards vs Dutertards



Currently, the Philippines are facing numerous extra-judicial killings because of the war on drugs it is currently facing. I guess you probably know the reason behind all of this is because of our currently elected President Rodrigo Duterte. Rodrigo Duterto was the candidate for presidency back then that promised to stop drugs with his ruling iron hand. Of course, for every candidate that runs there will be supporters and opposers. For people who support the regime of Duterte, we simply classify them in the slang term “Dutertards”. These are the people that supports his party. And for the other political parties, the biggest political party that opposes president Duterte are people from the Liberal Party or the so called “Yellowtards”. The conflict still goes on because of their individual ideologies and preference. Lets check them out shall we.

“Dutertards” refers to the loyal followers of Duterte and follow him ignorantly regardless of his wrong doings. Dutertards blindly follow Duterte and accepts his wrong doings as correct. They practically worship Duterte as an almighty God who can make no wrong doing. While “Yellowtards” are referred as the loyal supporters of the Aquino’s and anyone who the Aquino’s side with.

Ever since the landslide win of President Duterte, Dutertards have constantly bragged about their win and viewed the Yellowtards as sour losers who cannot accept the fact the President Rodrigo Duterte has won the presidential elections. And with this happening, there has always been a divide. Most of the exchange of words comes from social media. Various unknown individuals bashing each other with harsh words and mean comments. It has practically been a war of the words when it comes to having posts related to these. And the worst part, the extreme individuals in both sides have the ideology that if you are not one of them, you are against them. They bring out the false dichotomy in both sides and believe that once you take on one side then you will also take all the beliefs and ideas and those sides and resent any ideologies that come up. And this has caused the major rants, arguments and comments in blogs, social media and even personal talks with people.

This social war of the words will go on as long as people remain blinded and constantly follow their respective beliefs regardless of their wrong doings. Rationality must be upheld to know the correct manner in solving issues. No political party is perfect and I assure you that each of the sides of the spectrum has their own flaw. And for this conflict to end, the action we need to take is to accept that we cannot have everything. We need to realize that achieving pure satisfaction in both sides is impossible. And for this to end we need to compromise and elect candidates who are willing to compromise for us. You cannot argue that you should get all of what you want and none for the other side.


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