The Moment that Made us Proud to Call Ourselves Filipinos


It was one of the greatest moments in Philippine History. It was one of the revolutions in history that standout because of being one of the non-violent revolutions in the History of the World – the EDSA revolution. The EDSA revolution has been the manifestation of core of the humanity of the Filipinos. It showed the collective action grounded on the desire to acquire justice and tranquility in the most human of ways. It was in the 1st EDSA Revolution that we made a testament of the Filipino hero inside of us comprising of our resilience and mercifulness .

The regime of Ferdinand Marcos was the time when the Philippines went to a total collapse. He was able to single-handedly put our nation to at to a state of reckoning. But in spite of the harsh and adverse doings of President Marcos, Filipinos found it in themselves to remain hopeful and persevering. And it was in this Filipino trait among individuals that refused to fall prey and victim to the power-hungry and ruthless dictator that led to the biggest revolt in Philippine history.

The 1st EDSA Revolution has become a predominant example of a bloodless and non-violent revolt. The 1986 Philippine revolution was and is uniquely the most peaceful revolt in history. As aforementioned, in those dark times, we lived in a time when human rights was treated merely as scrap paper. We could have easily slaughtered the individuals who violated the human rights of Filipino people – but we didn’t. Instead we let them have the just and needed process. In years where human rights were abused, it takes the most human of qualities to forgive. It takes the strongest of hearts to be this merciful. And this is the quality that we should also be proud to have as Filipinos.

The EDSA revolution was the biggest moment in Philippine that contributed to our Filipino identity. This revolution was the one of events that sets us apart from other revolutions in other countries due to our thirst for justice and our inner humanity, one that makes us proud to call Filipinos.



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